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Uniket Partners Program

Uniket Partners Program

Uniket Partners Program is an initiative by Uniket to make our partners financially independent. This program is an opportunity for anyone who is looking for an additional income. With thousands of products available on Uniket, partners can use their referral link to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn from qualifying purchases. Apart from commissions there are amazing incentive schemes to earn more by qualifying total orders worth ₹12 Lakh from Uniket.

Partners Commission Plan

How can you join Uniket Partners Program?

There is no qualifying criteria for joining this program. You will earn a slab-wise commission on every sale generated via your customized referral link. There are 2 steps in signing up for the Uniket Partners Program. Here is a complete step-by-step tutorial on how you can join Uniket Partners Program.

What is Uniket Partners Academy?

Uniket Partners Academy is an initiative by Uniket to enhance the skills of our partners while they earn. Primary focus being helping our partners with Spoken English and building their personality. All the sessions are available on our Facebook group.Click here to join

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join if I am working elsewhere?

Yes, you can. There is no qualification criteria to join the program.

How is the commission calculated?

You will earn a slab-wise commission on the sale amount you have generated via your referral link. The commission is calculated only for successfully delivered orders.

Is there any Registration fee to join?

No, there is no registration fee. Its FREE, you can start earning without investing any money.

Any minimum order limit to earn commission?

No, there is no minimum order limit. Your commission is purely calculated on your sales amount which means you can earn in thousands and lakhs too.

Hall of Fame

Akash Kumar
eGMV achieved- 7,22,705
Incentive Earned- ₹43,362
Mriganka Rajkonwar
eGMV achieved- 3,25,843
Incentive Earned- ₹19,550
Mani Bhushan Prasad
eGMV achieved- 3,86,195
Incentive Earned- ₹23,171
Suman Kumar
eGMV achieved- 3,07,394
Incentive Earned- ₹18,443
Ravi Kumar Yadav
eGMV achieved- 16,1975
Incentive Earned- ₹9,718
Next might be you!!!
eGMV achieved- ??
Incentive Earned- ??

How it works?

Partner Says

Janiye Akash Kumar ne kaise jeeta iPhone 12 Uniket se?
Janiye Mrigankar kaise kamaye Rs 10,000 Uniket se?
How much can you earn via Uniket Affiliate program?
Uniket Affiliate Says

Terms and Conditions

Create your partner account by signing up on Tapfiliate and filling up the details for partner registration.
Claim your sale by filling the google form https://forms.gle/wC1nqhmFYj9BZj7y9.
Incase you don't want the Uniket Team to approach your customer, kindly fill google form https://forms.gle/meTxBDQGdrixsCVj8.
Uniket Sales transaction period is from 1st day of the month till last day of the month and the Incentive report will be shared on 10th of every month for last month sale performance.
Payment will be done only for product which are successfully delivered to the customer and payout will be released on 15th of every month.
Commission on Return will be applicable only if return is genuine e.g Damaged product, Product mismatch, any Manufacturing defect and
a proper incident report should be filed
Additionally, return should be approved by manager.
No payment will be made for Cancelled by Fynd.
There will not be any pervious month carry forward.
Affiliate has to make sure all the deliveries are done for all the shipments before 10th of next month.
In Case of any discrepancy in Conversion

a)Need screen recording of every order
b)Order should be placed through affiliate link on browser only
c)Need proof for every incident like a photo or video